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Zlatar Planina

Creative concept

  • Creating a new brand of dairy industry of a company from neighboring Bulgaria, which launches on the market products from Serbia that are characteristic of our country and under the slogan “Best from Serbia”.


  • The name of the brand is our famous “Zlatar mountain”, an untouched nature reserve, a word that the Bulgarians understand due to the similarity of the languages and which additionally associates the geographical origin of the product.

Graphic design

  • Design of a new logo and sign.
  • A complete new corporate visual identity.
  • Graphic design of new labels for the full range of products (Serbian kajmak, Peppers in sour cream, Kefir)

Industrial design

  • Design of new packaging, bottles, cups, buckets.

Total branding

  • Design of posters and pvc foils for marking retail stores where these dairy products are sold.

zladar logo 1
zladar logo 2

zladar proizvod 1
zladar proizvod 2
zladar proizvod 3

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zladar proizvod 6

zladar poster 1
zladar poster 2

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zladar proizvod 12

zladar poster 3