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  • Designing the name of the Italian restaurant.
  • Promo slogan

Restaurant project

  • Designing and creating the conceptual design of interior decoration of the restaurant, with the execution of works by a turnkey system.

Graphic design

  • Logo and sign design
  • Menu cards
  • Posters for OOH campaigns (billboard and city light panels)
  • Liners

Shop branding

  • Exterior branding, glass portals, front door and light sign.


  • Creating a website

vicolo logo

vicolo poster 1

vicolo oglasavanje 1
vicolo poster 2

vicolo oglasavanje 2
vicolo oglasavanje 3

vicolo oglasavanje 4
vicolo oglasavanje 5
vicolo oglasavanje 4

vicolo podmetac

vicolo enterijer 1

vicolo enterijer 2
vicolo enterijer 3