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  • The name of the brand is “Šumadinac”, which clearly and unequivocally sends a message about our most beautiful region, a word that the Bulgarians understand due to the similarity of the language and which further associates the geographical origin of the product.

Graphic design

  • Design of the new logo and sign.
  • A complete new corporate visual identity.
  • Graphic design of new labels for the whole range of products (kulen, dry cured sausage, Budim sausage and Srem sausage, prepared minced meat for grilling kebabs, hamburgers, meat rolls)

Industrial design

  • Design of new packaging.

sumadinac logo 1

sumadinac ilustracije 1

sumadinac etiketa 1
sumadinac etiketa 2

sumadinac etiketa 3
sumadinac etiketa 4

sumadinac proizvod 1

sumadinac proizvod 2

sumadinac proizvod 3
sumadinac proizvod 4

sumadinac proizvod 5
sumadinac proizvod 6

sumadinac poster 1