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Ready Group

Graphic design

  • Redesign of corporate logo and trademark.
  • Design of new logo for three sub-brands: Ready Baby, Ready Kids, Ready Teens
  • Poster design for outdoor advertising
  • Catalogs, liners, leaflets, bags, posters for sales, cards, etc.

Shop branding

  • Arrangements of boutiques: glass portals with pvc foils in accordance with the season of clothes, making of lighting signs.

Social media

  • Registration and management of social networks - facebook and instagram, at the daily level. Viral campaigns with specially defined targets in Serbia and abroad.

Photo Image photography with models and individual items for designing social network posts, as well as poster design in outdoor campaigns.

Media planning and buying

  • Campaign planning, budgeting and making media plans, OOH campaigns twice a year (billboard and city light campaigns for spring/summer and autumn/winter).


  • Organization of the fashion show for the presentation of the collection to wholesalers.

ready group logo
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