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Klinika Maja

Graphic design

  • A new logo and trademark design.
  • A completely new corporate visual identity with the Book of Graphic Standards.

Total branding

  • Design, printing and car branding with a new visual identity.


  • Creating campaigns and sales discounts for special service packages, physical examinations, medical operations.

Social corporate responsibility

  • Placing newsletters on actions to assist the community in the form of free interventions or interventions under particularly favorable conditions to vulnerable layers of the population.


  • Creating a new website.

Social media

  • Registration and regular running of social networks - facebook and instagram. Viral marketing campaigns with precisely targeted goals.

Advertising lounching campaign

  • Advertising campaign for the launch of the new clinic building, one of the most modern in the Western Balkans, realized on electronic and print media: news portals, regional TV, social networks, billboard, city light.

Media planning and buying

  • Realization of advertising campaigns four times a year at the level of southern and eastern Serbia region, with emphasis on the city of Niš.


  • Tours of gerontology centers throughout the region with special offers and benefits for cataract and glaucoma surgery.


  • Organization of the international symposium “World Ophthalmology in Niš” with renowned experts, doctors, surgeons from Serbia, Greece, United States …
  • Design and printing of invitations, welcoming guests at the airport, a letter and a gift of welcome in hotel rooms, design and printing of a symposium program, roll up panels, catering.

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