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Graphic design

  • Logo and sign.
  • Design of leaflets, flyers and posters.
  • Design of special products for calculating the efficiency of recycling of electronic and electrical waste.
  • Mascot design.
  • Notebooks and diaries.
  • Advertising promotional material.


  • Design, printing and assembly of large banners for the factory facade.


  • Creating a website.

Media planning and buying

  • Planning campaigns, budgeting and creating media plans, monitoring and reporting on campaigns.


  • Planning and organizing the opening event of the factory (stage, sound, backwall, printed and electronic invitations)
  • Design of special purpose stands for fairs.

e-reciklaza logo

e-reciklaza ilustracije 1
e-reciklaza ilustracije 2

e-reciklaza poster 1

e-reciklaza kompozicija 1
e-reciklaza kompozicija 2

e-reciklaza billboard 1

e-reciklaza rollup

e-reciklaza brendiranje 1

e-reciklaza promo materijal 1
e-reciklaza promo materijal 2

e-reciklaza promo materijal 3
e-reciklaza promo materijal 4

e-reciklaza promo materijal 5
e-reciklaza posteri

e-reciklaza otvaranje pogona 1

e-reciklaza otvaranje pogona 2
e-reciklaza otvaranje pogona 3

e-reciklaza otvaranje pogona 4
e-reciklaza otvaranje pogona 5