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Bread & Co


  • Designing the name of the chain of bakeries.
  • Promo slogan

Graphic design

  • Design of the logo and sign of the chain of bakeries.
  • Takeaway packages.
  • Complete corporate documentation.
  • Posters for indoor advertising in bakeries.
  • Menu cards.
  • Leaflets
  • Liners
  • Discount products.

Shop branding

  • Exterior branding, glass portals, front door and light sign.

bread&co logo

bread&co stationary
bread&co promo materijal

bread&co pakovanja
bread&co promo materijal

bread&co brendiranje 1
bread&co brendiranje 2
bread&co brendiranje 3

bread&co primenna logoa

bread&co flajer

bread&co flajer 2
bread&co flajer 3
bread&co brendiranje 2

bread&co enterijer
bread&co enterijer 2

bread&co ornament