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AIK banka

Graphic design

  • Logo and trademark design.
  • A complete corporate visual identity with the Book of Graphic Standards.
  • Payment cards.
  • Company catalogs, leaflets, posters.


  • Designing corporate promotional slogans, slogans for individual advertising campaigns, writing texts for leaflets and catalogs.
  • Designing advertising campaigns for banking services: Retail and business loans, Bank accounts, Purpose financing of agricultural production.
  • Writing scripts and storyboards for the production of TV commercials.
  • Writing texts for radio jingles.


  • Selection of production houses for recording TV commercials and radio jingles.
  • Active participation in the realization of production.

Total branding

  • Exterior design of branch offices (glass portals, posters, lighting signs)


  • Creating a website.

Advertising campaigns

  • Realization of advertising campaigns during the year according to a special plan and as part of the annual marketing plan.

Media planning and buying

  • Planning of media campaigns, budgeting and making media plans, buying advertising space, monitoring and reporting on realized campaigns.


  • Promotions at suitable events (VISA Business and VISA Gold payment card at the fashion show Pal Zileri).

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